Toasted and Roasted Coffee: Locally Roasted with Love

Everybody (well, almost everybody) loves coffee. Coffee is part of our daily culture and lives. We’ve gotten to a point in society where we care about the story, origin, and quality of all the things we put into our body. And if coffee is part of our ritual, we should care about all the details of coffee too! So, let’s begin with, “Why choose locally roasted coffee over a bigger commercial chain product?”

            Toasted and Roasted cares about each individual coffee seed that comes through our door. We carefully select each bag of coffee beans, making sure that it comes directly from a quality farm.  Once we’ve made sure the coffee is up to our standards, we roast it in only small batches. This means when you visit us at the café, the coffee you are drinking is from the most recent harvest and was roasted within the last two weeks but usually in the last few days. 😊 Coffee is the most yummy and complex from three days after roasting up until two weeks later. After two weeks, coffee starts to lose its flavor. When you buy coffee in the grocery store, it was most likely roasted weeks, if not months, before. When you visit a big chain coffee shop, the coffee is most likely older as well because of the size of the company and its large-scale production practices. Coffee is a food! It starts to spoil as it ages. P.S. the bad news is that unlike some food, putting leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer doesn’t make it last longer. We recommend keeping your coffee on the kitchen counter in an air tight container (think mason jar)!

            We care about you and want you to start the day with the best! Come join us at the coffee shop so we can get to know you, or If you order coffee from our website, know that we will roast the beans just for you right before shipping. We want you to be able to enjoy Toasted and Roasted coffee with the most flavor possible!

Locally roasted means quality and consistency in small batches just for you.

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We make sure every batch is perfect… one bean at a time!