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About us

In the heart of Melrose in Los Angeles is Toasted and Roasted--a micro coffee roaster and café. Visit our shop and try our unique coffee varieties today!


Mike and Ali--a husband and wife team who created Toasted and Roasted--are passionate about quality in every aspect of the café and roastery. Toasted and Roasted offers only the highest grade of beans, responsibly sourced through direct trade with farmers from around the world. Guests may select a variety of brew methods ranging from simple pour-over to our state of the art Steampunk coffee system. Paired with Toasted and Roasted’s signature, award-winning waffle puffs, the coffee experience is brought to the next level. From farm to table and bean to cup, every detail at Toasted and Roasted is attended to with care. Mike and Ali are committed to making everyone feel like family and creating a home away from home for the community in their new neighborhood coffee shop.


Toasted and Roasted
7311 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046
Phone: (323) 900-0568